3 Tips to Make Facebook Work for You

In June, Facebook announced a change to how content makes its way to the top of your news feed. This new algorithm measures the amount of time users spend looking at posts. 

In other words, even without liking, commenting, or sharing a post, Facebook will detect which posts capture your attention longer than others and will incorporate that preference as a factor in determining which posts become “Top Posts” for your feed. With these changes, business owners should consider how to capture someone’s attention – and how to hold someone’s attention – in such a way as to maximize their exposure through Facebook. 

With this in mind, helping you increase your Facebook effectiveness is the focus of this week’s #TuesdayTip. Here are 3 ways your business can capture attention on Facebook:

1 – Videos Work

Facebook auto-plays videos which encourage your followers to spend more time engaging with your content, and in turn, directly registers with the network’s new algorithm. Since Facebook natively enables video on their site, content of that type has yielded amazing engagement results. Posting Facebook videos and monitoring their performance can also help your business determine content for future video posts. Instead of reposting from YouTube, or other video hosting websites, utilize the built in Facebook video function to 1) collect video view count analytics and 2) enable videos to automatically play. To maximize the effectiveness of the videos, use text or subtitles so that you can capture viewers attention without enabling the audio. 

2 – Content is Key

If Instagram is a platform to feature images, and images increase engagement on Facebook, should businesses repost all of their Instagram photos automatically on their Facebook page?

Yes! But there is a caveat. Even if it may seem like a time-saving technique to automatically post the same update to multiple networks, it might cost your business reach on both networks. If you want to reuse a photo, make sure to provide content making it a meaningful and valuable Facebook post. Your photo post may draw them in, but the commentary included will keep them engaged longer. Include captions. An anecdote will make your post that much more personable, encouraging more likes, comments, and shares. Content will compliment your image. Use both to better engage your audience. Facebook encourages content creators on the network to provide stories that add value or provide more history for a business’s products and services. These kinds of posts have a higher likelihood to be seen by bigger audiences.

3 – Titles Say It All

Effective headlines work. There’s a formula for headline success, and it is one content creators can easily implement when posting on Facebook. When creating and posting content on Facebook, deliberately invoke a reaction in the reader which will subsequently tempt them to click on the article to read and/or share your post. This cycle can quickly escalate (going “viral”) increasing the reach of your post exponentially. If your content is key, then your title has to be the Barnum-like key holder ushering Facebook users towards your business’s post.

Here are a few examples from blogging.org on formulas for creating an effective headline:

  • Numbered Lists (10 social media mistakes everyone makes)
  • How-To (How to write a blog post that drives 10x more traffic)
  • Case Study (How we grew our Pinterest followers 10 times in one week)
  • Lessons Learned (Top lessons learned about marketing from watching Hell’s Kitchen)
  • Reasons Why (Why you can’t afford to ignore blogging)
  • Provocative Questions (Are you making the 10 biggest mistakes in digital marketing?)
  • News Headline (Announcing new Blogging for Business training this September)
  • Direct and Specific (Free Google+ Report)
  • Command (Get better results tomorrow by reading this post)
  • Irresistible (How Google changes may be destroying your email strategy)

Maximizing the effectiveness of your Facebook posts and understanding how the network uses its algorithms to increase your post’s reach is important for all business owners to understand.  Stay up to date with how social media and digital marketing is evolving. At Sproutling Marketing & Consulting we would love to meet with you over coffee and discuss a strategy on how to keep your business up to date with this evolving digital world. Contact us today!